How many times have you heard mention of the luxury brand Burberry?  What do you know about the brand other than scarves, perfume and rap lyrics?  Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, wants you to know that you can learn anything.  If you’re interested in fashion, branding or just living your best possible life, take about 30 minutes to listen to some of her ideas.  You might not understand them all, so below are a few questions to help you try and make them make sense for you.

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  1. How many different departments comprise the company?
  2. What are Burberry’s 3 core values?
  3. How many new things per year does the company do?
  4. How many people went to the year she filmed this talk?
  5. Who was she having lunch with when she asked about Khan Academy?

Join us next week for You Khan Learn Anything Wednesdays as we explore how you can learn anything.

Online learning site Khan Academy believes that you can learn anything.  The A-RCP Library also believes YA@AL can learn anything that will push you forward in life in a positive way, and we’re here to help.  Check back with us every Wednesday as we learn how to learn using Khan’s many video tutorials.

Join us as we explore:

  1. How you can identify your learning style and how you make Khan work best for you,
  2. How you can start a YA@AL Study Putty routine so the content in Khan’s videos “stick like putty” in your brain, and
  3. How you can join our YA@AL Khan Krew and watch as other students learn, too.

Take a quick look at the video below.  You can learn anything, with the help of your library.  Let’s work together using free resources like Khan Academy to make that happen.

“Failing is just another word for growing, and you keep going.  This is learning.” You Can Learn Anything video


If you are an author, aspiring author, reader or aspiring reader (lol), get ready for the Augusta Literary Festival 2016.  More information is available at  Also, take a quick look at the commercial for this year’s event.  Next year is promising to be even more exciting for readers and aspiring readers also (lol).

ALF 2016 Banner


The State Superintendent of School’s student advisory council is a group of about 50 high school students from across the state who discuss how decisions made at the state level are affecting students throughout Georgia. Members meet two times throughout the school year with State Superintendent and are advisors that act as liaisons between the Department of Education and the students of Georgia. Students may apply for the advisory council at the beginning of each school year by obtaining an application from their school or from this website. Members are chosen by a committee of Georgia Department of Education representatives based on the applicant’s response to questions. Past topics discussed by the student advisory council include: the school dropout rate, student leadership, communication/messaging, the Georgia graduation rule, testing, school climate, and career, technical, and agricultural education.

State BOE Fall student advisory council application 2015

Contact Information

Ron Culver

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 657-0144

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