Masters Week: If you are not leaving town check us out!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Three afternoons of stuff to do!  Three chances to check out our Young Adult Book Collection.

Tuesday, April 3 from 2-4.  TUESDAY AFTERNOON AT THE MOVIES @ your library.  Audience choice from 5 hit movies.  Of course we’ll have snacks!!!

Wednesday, April 4 from 2-4.  JUST DANCE!  Get off of the sofa and come to the library to DANCE.  I have just received  Just Dance 3.  Just Dance 2 will also be available.  It is fun and great exercise.  Bring a friend!!!!  Wear lightweight clothing.  Yes, I’m going to feed you!

THURSDAY, April 5 from 2-4.   Craft Day: Wall Hangings.   For this fun fest we will be making wall hangings using CD’s and any pictures, photos, or stickers you want to bring. Since I am a “crafty” person, I have a bunch of odds and ends to throw in, too. The theme is “celebrating you.”  When we are finished we will know who you are by the art on your wall hanging .  If you have old CD’s and DVD’s bring them.  Today you are going to bring snacks for me!  Just kidding!  I’ll have snacks for you.  There aren’t many things that teens can do without snacks!!! That’s my motto!  Bring a friend and bring your library card.  We have tons of books!