Summer Reading 2012 YA Karaoke Events Successful!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nancy Carver, Head of the Information Department at Headquarters, had a great time this summer travelling all over the ECGRL getting our young adults up and at’em at exciting karaoke events.  Everybody from Lady Gaga (“Bad Romance”) to Journey (“Don’t Stop Believing”) spilled lyrics across the screen for our youth, helping them “own the night,” the mic and the spotlight at their respective libraries.  Headquarters, Friedman and Warren County locations had patrons literally singing with (and like) “Glee” during hours of light-hearted fun.

Make sure you check your This Month at the Library brochure to see if karaoke is coming to a branch near you.  And check out biographies on your favorite music stars in the process.  If you’re the next Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson, we’d love to tell the world that your career all started at your local library.   (And we’d have the video for your E! True Hollywood Story to prove it. lol)

Katie, Vianca and Ms. Nancy didn’t stop believin’ at Warren County’s karaoke event.Katie, Vianca and Ms. Nancy didn't stop believin' at Warren County's karaoke event.