TAG Description

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) of the Augusta Public Library.  This group is a major part of the Young Adults @ Augusta Library (YA@AL) program.  The mission of the YA@AL (pronounced “Ya’ll!”) program is to provide exceptional service to local young adults (ages 11 to 17 years old) through the delivery of quality educational and recreational library media and programming.  The goal is for participants to positively identify their past experiences, nurture skillful decision-making in their current situation, and foster the development of advanced critical thinking skills that will serve them well throughout life.  Below are the requirements for participation.  As each group cycle runs one full calendar year, all requirements must be completed within this time frame.  Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program.

The group’s primary task is to plan and promote library programs that appeal to teenagers their age.  In exchange, they will receive volunteer hours and credit, a letter of recommendation at the end of one calendar year of service and the opportunity to participate in exciting and free activities not offered by any other local entity.  As many schools and college application processes call for volunteer credit from students, membership in our group is a time-efficient and fun way to fulfill this requirement.

  1. Members must agree to call, Skype or physically attend 5 of 11 total meetings per calendar year.
  2. Members must call to make arrangements to receive information by phone, email or “snail mail” by the Friday of the week following the meeting they missed.
  3. Members must vote on actions at each meeting they attend.
  4. Members must agree to suggest at least 5 activities or events for the group to produce each calendar year.
  5. Members must agree to attend at least 5 YA@AL activities or events the group produces each calendar year.
  6. Members must agree to distribute Monthly Event Handouts at church, school, local businesses or other outlets to youth 11 to 17 years old.
  7. Members must bring a minimum of 5 different guests total to events each calendar year.
  8. Members must agree to participate in the Summer Reading Program (SRP) and submit their completed SRP log by the due date.
  9. Members must recruit at least 5 SRP participants.
  10. Members must agree to respect other TAG members by not dismissing or demeaning their contributions to discussions and activities.
  11. Members must agree to represent themselves, their families, the TAG group, YA@AL, and ECGRL in a positive and meaningful manner at all times.