My name is Kristin Eberhart (Ms. Kris) and I am the new Young Adult (YA) Librarian at the Augusta Public Library.  While I am a recent graduate of the Valdosta State University MLIS (Masters in Library & Information Science) program, I have over 15 years of experience in Georgia libraries, primarily in the Atlanta area.  New to Augusta, I enjoy the city immensely, have been greeted with warmth and kindness by all I’ve met and look forward to doing great things with the exceptional young people living throughout the CSRA, especially our valued patrons of the ECGRL system.

Feel free to drop me a line at or 706-821-2615 if you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions for YA programming or book purchases.  I’m looking forward to hearing from all of YA@AL.

Tyden, Damaris & MauraAnd in this corner, coming from all participating ECGRL locations, weighing in at…well, that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that our competitors faced each other, the Just Dance Wii challenge and three of them stood on the Victor’s Stand (or behind the prize table in the meeting room).  Hailing from Friedman Branch and taking home $25.00 in 3rd Place prize money was Tyden, the only young man to rank in the Finals.  Go Tyden!  Our Silver Medal winner…I mean, 2nd Place prize winner of $50.00, was Damaris.  A strong competitor, she was barely edged out for 1st place and $100.00 by Maura.  Congrats to Maura and her whole family, who showed up nearly a dozen deep to support her efforts.  They say there’s strength in numbers; I’m sure Maura’s happy to be $100 stronger after her exhausting efforts in our competitions.

Great job YA@AL!


Friday, July 13th brought out the fiercest competitiors yet in this summer’s “Just Dance” Competition.  The game’s Versions 2, 3 and the MJ Experience really challenged this last group of dancers prior to the final dance event of the summer.  The victor was Maura who had just learned about the competition earlier that afternoon.  Congrats to Maura, who represents HQ in the Just Dance Tournament Grand Finale.

Dancers from all participating branches were scheduled to compete for the top prize of $100.00 at HQ in the Finale on Thursday, July 19.  Check back to see who took home the gold (or, in this case, the Benjamin).

Nancy Carver, Head of the Information Department at Headquarters, had a great time this summer travelling all over the ECGRL getting our young adults up and at’em at exciting karaoke events.  Everybody from Lady Gaga (“Bad Romance”) to Journey (“Don’t Stop Believing”) spilled lyrics across the screen for our youth, helping them “own the night,” the mic and the spotlight at their respective libraries.  Headquarters, Friedman and Warren County locations had patrons literally singing with (and like) “Glee” during hours of light-hearted fun.

Make sure you check your This Month at the Library brochure to see if karaoke is coming to a branch near you.  And check out biographies on your favorite music stars in the process.  If you’re the next Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson, we’d love to tell the world that your career all started at your local library.   (And we’d have the video for your E! True Hollywood Story to prove it. lol)

Katie, Vianca and Ms. Nancy didn’t stop believin’ at Warren County’s karaoke event.Katie, Vianca and Ms. Nancy didn't stop believin' at Warren County's karaoke event.

July Scavenger Hunt Winners Abdullah & Khairi

Nearly two dozen people showed up to the YA Room on Friday, July 6 to participate in our beach-themed Scavenger Hunt.  This monthly event, featuring a snack supper and other treats, is our two-hour version of a “lock in” as the library is closed to all other patrons during this activity.  Young adults (or Hunters) then vie for prizes by finding hidden objects in the library following the clues listed on their guide sheets.  July’s winners were the team of Abdullah and Khairi who, despite being two of the youngest Hunters on that evening’s quest, found enough clues to complete their bingo sheet more than a few minutes prior to their compatriots.

Come out and join us on Friday, August 31st for the next month’s installment of Scavenger Hunt.  You can’t win if you don’t play.


Eight “Just Dance” finalists have been announced.
The finalists are: Michelle Dorbu and Whitney (?) from Columbia County Library in Evans.
The finalists from Burke County Library in Waynesboro are Erin Owens and Arnetta Gordon.
Harlen Branch Library in Harlem, GA is sending brothers, Ryan and Daegan Lente.
Euchee Creek Library in Grovetown is being represented by Dianesha Benson and Stephanie Mancilla.

With only five more Library Branch competition locations and dates, it is time to go to the closest branch and compete! If you are chosen, you will have a chance to win $100.00 in the final tournament. The libraries holding contests in July are:
Diamond Lakes Branch Library, Hephibah, GA  on Thursday, July 12 at 3 pm.
HQ Library in downtown Augusta on Friday, July 13 at 5:30.
Appleby Branch Library in Augusta on Monday, July 16 from 5-7.
Warren County Library in Warrenton, GA on Tuesday, July 17 at 6 pm.
Friedman Branch Library in Augusta on on Wednesday, July 18, at 3 pm.

Good luck..all you have to do is “Just Dance.”

For all of you who who have been waiting for the HQ “Just Dance” tournament, the wait is almost over. Compete for a position at the “Just Dance” Grand Finale” on July 19 at 6 pm. Teens who did not win their branches are encouraged to come to the downtown Augusta Library on July 13th. There may still be a spot for you!  All you have to do is “Just Dance.”

Snack supper served.

Please turn in your reading records and pick up your coupons and a book of your choosing. The last day to turn in your records is July 20, 2012. Many of you are reading things for summer school. Add any time spent reading! Magazines, comics, newspapers,  manga, and non-fiction books count. Get reading before time runs out.

On Wednesday, July 11 we will offer a beading session at HQ on the second floor at 2 pm. We will make dream catchers, mobiles, mosaics, insects,  and bracelets. Participants may decorate T-shirt collar edging (bring your own T-shirt), plaques, frames,  and birdhouses. As usual, snacks will be provided.  What else do you have to do???

Our after hours scavenger hunt will take you to places in the library you didn’t know existed. The hunt starts at 5:30 on July 6. Please be here early (on the 2nd floor) because the library closes at 5:30. You may gain entrance through the back double gray doors until 5:45. It’s pizza night! Come prepared to eat and have fun.